Author Topic: PurplePack for Community is ready to download.  (Read 1890 times)


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If you been visiting Flatout Joint the last few weeks, then you know we been working on a new carpack for our community mod for Flatout 2 to use over at Tunngle online. Here link for more info on our new mod and using Tunngle:

PurplePack Mod discussion thread.

Here links to the 3 beta testing videos:


For better quality, be sure to use the 480 or 720 settings at Youtube.


I will host the PurplePack patch this Saturday at Tunngle > Flatout 2 - Joint Mod network at 1:00pm pacific, 4:00pm eastern, 9:00pm London time.

Then later Saturday night, around 7:00pm pacific, 10:00pm eastern, 3:00am London time, the US FOJ guys will be racing online with Tunngle and the PurplePack.

Here a pic of the Mosquitah from Flatout 3:
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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