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-I'd be fine with the physics from any of the three games, but FO1 was the most enjoyable. It was the most realistic.
-New track styles, i.e. one construction map with a few tracks, a frozen lake map or something.
-Stunts! I don't know what to say... Me and a few others love Curling.
-User-friendly ( Lots of custom car slots, FO2 only had 140 total, it'd be cool to see a lot of custom vehicles in the game) ( Maps that have NO HOLES, because I know some people love making custom tracks and it's hard to make good tracks if there's holes in the map.) (Easy moddability- mod/modder-friendly- make it somewhat easy to import vehicles into the game.)
-Fifteen AI players (Which also means MORE VEHICLES than the last game- use up like every car for each AI player.)
-NO GFWL Online- It's horrible to use, and not available in all countries.
-Very damageable vehicle models. Damageable environment, but not too much, don't have it where you could knock over buildings.
- I did like that you could be wrecked in the 2nd and UC, so definitely keep that. FO1's cars got bouncy after you lost enough parts.
-Make a few more modes- i.e. finish Tag)
(I don't think I'm finished with this list.)


-Customizable Soundtrack! Let us put whatever we want. if not, is there any way NOT to use the .ogg file?
-Possibly include some members of the community as an AI name and driver?
-Any non-used spot in multiplayer should be filled with an AI.
-Two different settings for AIs? some people like the AIs clean, others dirty.
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-Two different settings for AIs? some people like the AIs clean, others dirty.

I think this would be a popular option in Bugbear next racing game. We added this option in Flatout 1 with the FOv3 mod:

And in Flatout 2, thanks to Shadow, an AI mod got release with some different AI profiles. I went with 4 Jacks and 3 Sofia AI drivers to make the AI a little tougher to beat.

AI mod for foj community mod(singleplayer/carreer addon)

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Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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I agree Purple. Another thing that might be nice is options for no resets, a couple different types of handling damage.  Hard to explain that though.