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I would love to see an old VW Beetle in the game. For exampel a VW 1302. I know that this would be a problem because you dont own the rights to put a real VW in the game, but a Car that looks like an old Beetle would be awesome enough ;)


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I'm pretty sure they'll be some sort of Beetle in the final game as LOADS of people have requested for it. I doubt that the euro hatch we have now will end up being the only rear mounted car.

Personally not a fan of the Beetle, but it is a common folk racer after all.
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Me too. It's really popular in Swedish and Norwegian folkrace.

A VW car I would like too see is the VW 1600. A rare car, but it's used in most folkrace competitions. Just a suggestion :)
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I would love to see a VW Beetle look alike in the game. I had a 1965 with so, so many stories to tell.

The VW Beetle was a car in it's own class and is still providing enjoyment to a lot of fans. My photo is from 1975.

This is an old pic of my 1965 VW with two tone paint and chevy chrome wheels. My Dad and I helped rebuild the motor and paint the car. I bought it from the owner, a friend of my Dad. Wish I had more pics, this from a Polaroid Instamatic camera.   :'(


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Beetles please! :o
I didn't to pay $60 for a slightly realistic folkrace game with no Beetle in it.
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