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Chris Davie, who was an art director at Bizarre before it closed down, posted footage of a cancelled racing game they were working on.

[I didn't impressed that much with visual effects video. You can find info @ neogaf and see video (also here)]

Here's o, in which a new engine is used with a stage set in Dubai:

This was the final thing being worked on at Bizarre Creations when the company was closed down, it’s the same unannounced, unreleased project from earlier, but approaching alpha.

We were using a whole new engine at this point that had been developed internally, it was really nice tech that we sadly never got to ship a game with. When we were told the project was being canned and that the studio was facing closer, I bloody mindedly decided to keep working on the art on this track, so much work had gone into the game already, it seemed a shame that nobody would get to play a finished track, even the dev team, so my goal was to get this Dubai track as close to final as I could before the lights went out for good.

A couple of guys chipped in here and there and got some nice new bits for their (soon to be required) portfolios, and I started grabbing old assets from previous projects to fill in bits of the scene that hadn’t been started.

By the end it had gotten to about an alpha level, there was some really nice things in there, though we still needed to add a load of destructible objects inside the shopping mall and tram station we drive through in the video, and inside the hotel lobby of the building we drive on the outside of here. More animated scenery like the trams too, but time just ran out.

I was pretty pleased with the way we got the glass looking using a nice normal map to give the surface some imperfections, the smashing effect when you drove on it was coming along nicely too.

It’s a shame this thing will never be played, but at least it still lives on in some way in these videos

Nice gif from neogaf (5 MB)

Well this is the past but ex-Bizarre (Lucid games) teazered something interesting

Skylight, huh?  :)
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Blur was one of the best multiplayer games for PS3, I really enjoyed it and it was sad to see Bizarre Creations going down, because the game didn't sell. The game was so great, but nobody bought it.  :'( So this studio has makers of Blur? I really hope that they can do something like Blur again.

Hmm, I see Big Ben (London) at the teaser picture..
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I'm really confused about this project. Codename 'Skylight' hints to that video with wall riding in Dubai but pic shows London  :o