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I really like what BugBear has done on THE NEXT CAR GAME after today's update. :) I'm really liking the new tracks and demo derby maps, but I have one suggestion.

When in replay mode (after a race is finished): can there be an automatic camera that focuses on your car? Like I want "TV" type camera angles. So that we dont constantly have to move the camera ourselves to get the angles. For me, I'd like to watch what happened in the race instead of having to tweak the camera angles to see them for my self. Examples of automatic "TV" camera angles can be seen from GT LEGENDS, Gran Turismo, Forza... etc. YOU KNOW? :)

Great Job on the update guys! :D


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I'm sure we'll get such a feature at some point (what racing game DOESN'T have cinematic replays?). However I have yet to see a replay cam that does the job right. Most replay cams seem to zoom in way too close to the players car or are shot from angles that are so low to the ground you can't see what's going on behind the focus car. What I'd like to see is a replay cam that focuses on the player car but also tries to keep the action around the player in view. For 90% of the race I'm focusing on the action in front of me and have only a vague awareness of what's happening behind me. So my advice to whoever makes the replay cams is this: Pull that camera back a bit!!

An excellent example of how NOT to set up replay cams would be all of the Forza games. The default cameras are TERRIBLE. Unless you just want to see a pretty moving picture of your car your gonna want to skip the replay in any Forza game.
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I agree the existing replay cameras are a bit pointless.

Need TV style replay so I can see what mashed me from behind !  :D


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I agree the existing replay cameras are a bit pointless.

Need TV style replay so I can see what mashed me from behind !  :D

Just use the free cam that rotate around your car with the use of a mouse and scroll wheel to zoom in or out.

As of now I don't think there is a camera that follows your car like the one when you're actually racing. You have to move the camera yourself.

I'm not sure I follow what you said?

I just tested the replay cameras. First cam when start replay mode is a free cam that can go anywhere. Then you can cycle through all the car cams and last cam is a free cam that focus on your car that you can move around your car as it goes around the track.

Here my video with cam that following my car but I can move the camera around with my mouse:

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Don't forget that you can also lock the camera to any of the cars, including the player car. Afterwards the camera will follow the target car in free camera.


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I like the freedom FreeCam Mode gives, but I do wish there was an option to lock the Y axis (elevation). Trying to watch replays with a gamepad is frustrating.


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Additionally, I'd like to have a "Simulate Physical Camera" option that I can toggle. This way if I plop the camera wherever on the track, it'll shake and wobble as cars drive by (via simulated wind gusts), and, if a vehicle actually collides with the camera, it'll topple over onto the ground (instead of the vehicle just clipping through the view). It'll still be able to track vehicles and such, but it'll add that extra bit of needed physicality.

Also, it would be nice if I could smooth-out the transitions between zoom angles so that it doesn't zoom in distinct "clicks" but rather a gradual swoop.
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I agree. Maybe something similar to the highlight reels in MarioKart 8. with simple options to focus on different racers or on crashes. it could make the replays more cinematic and stuff for screenshots possibly?