Author Topic: Weight of objects around the track.  (Read 8491 times)


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If I can feel the car react to the objects it crashes into then I'm all in. I can feel the destruction all happening.
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FO1 only problem was the cones but everything else seemed to have nice weight and impact.

/Now that I tested FO2 for a long time, holy shit those objects don't have any weight in FO2. There's zero risk & reward but it feels so dumbed down version of FO1 that it almost makes me puke.
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FO2 seemed more like Burnout--high speed, plowing through objects like they were made of foam, scraping off railings and hitting boost to "turn". Not as fun or challenging as FO1, IMHO.
I should record some playthroughs of FO2 because even though the track objects weighed less they were probably even more capable of messing you up than on FO1, plenty of times something like a stray tire or cone has knocked my car completely off the road in a way that's forced me to restart the race.


But that part Flatout racing, the unexpected happening. You have not won the race for sure until you have cross the finish line. This is one the things I like about Flatout racing.
Yes, but it's one thing to get knocked off-track by debris, but it's another when you genuinely don't expect something like a tire to flip your car over on one random lap, whilst the AI seem to always know exactly how to react to debris.

I don't mind being slowed down by hitting something, really. =/

Also this brings to mind that billboard that's at the first corner of one of the Canal tracks. I never know if I'm going to be able to drive over it once it's knocked down, or if it's going to push my car to a dead halt. I know Bugbear tried to optimize the collisions so most objects ignored the cars' wheels, but that billboard can go to hell :|
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I'm all for objects with realistic weight and mass - plowing through stuff in FO2/UC like everything was made of foam wasn't as much fun. Plus it makes for more tactical racing, trying to nudge opponents into objects you know will slow them down rather than doing nothing at all.