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John Burning

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Guys, don't forget about my arts!
I'm painting derby cars too!

I hope bugbear will take anything.


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Some models that could work great as fictional race / derby cars.

There's no doubt about that this racer is a german bulldozer disguised as a sedan.
In a real FlatOut derby or race, this would be the coolest, sexiest, most freakiest car and a real vehicle murder!
My biggest wish, if a car like the E34 is included!!

Mitsubishi Galant
Light, so more of a street racing class car.
Good looking and a dream to wreck.

Ford Crown Victoria

Mass produced vehicle, mostly known as taxis or police.
This isn't a new face I know, but still fun to crash in.

Chevrolet Malibu '73
This spectacular car from the 70's would also fit in the FlatOut universe well.

Audi A8
The older models looked (IMO) good, more dangerous. The newer are a bit more Star Wars / Tron / WipeOut kinda stuff.  :D

Just a few models.


I figured it'd be easier to link the thread rather than post all of the car pics in here. This is also a photo thread of what REAL derby cars look like...


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More realistic looking derby/Banger cars please,

Such as:


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And these:


I have to ask. Are realistic looking derby cars going to be included in this game? Like, all the windows removed, stacks, roof signs etc...

Is this being thought about? It seems necessary in my eyes and I know it's been requested by others as well. Again, the sounds for the cars with stacks should be LOUD. 8 derby cars in real life is similar to a funny car. (Drag car)

Also, cars that should have v8s in them oughtta sound like they have v8s in them :)

The Lafayette Eulogy from Dirt Showdown is a prime example of a realistic looking derby car. As much as I didn't really find the game to be great, they got some of the derby cars down pretty well.

I couldn't really find a good video of just the sounds of the car, but this is what I've got... I don't like the stupid nitrous sounds all the time... I'd rather hear the engine rev.


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I would like to see more "buggy" and offroad style cars which will match non-city/non-tracks maps. Something like this:


Those are called Trophy Trucks bgb. They are used in baja. And basically their own version of autocross on small courses. They are pretty wicked :)

They'd be fun for some of the rougher terrain, but they certainly aren't derby-worthy. (They're strong but no one derbies a $250k machine.


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Please can you put the 3 classes in the game? (derby,race,street)

Because I saw a lot of derby car here but less other car.

Sorry,I'm french,I don't speak english very good.


Interesting, I saw no derby cars xD



the trailer has only derby cars and here i saw a lot of derby car ^^

so I don't know fi there is others cars in game,I like very much street cars,but race cars are good
Yes, this photo thread contains many derby cars. However, in the trailer, I saw no realistic derby cars. Ie: Cars that would be used in a real-life derby.

But it was merely a joke :)

John Burning

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Some of Russian autocross :D I really love it and the first FO reminds me sometimes racing like that :)
Hope Bugbear will make a car like Lada 2108 cause it looks like for this racing only.