Author Topic: Bots and car restrictions in multiplayer.  (Read 102 times)


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It appears to me bots in multiplayer are always given random car no matter the restriction, it really makes me sad I cannot create bus-only multiplayer lobby with bots. And it's final game which has already had some patches!


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And it's final game which has already had some patches!

They have probably more pressing issues now waiting, than multiplayer bots. Like some players getting CTD when going to settings menu.

The game was released on tight deadline, I'm sure BB is aware there's still work to do, there's been only 2 patches so far and they took their summer break, after what has been probably a pretty nightmarish spring. It's pretty telling, that AI doesn't upgrade their cars, even when BB wanted that to happen... deadline set by THQ Nordic basically meant the game was forced to be released unfinished.

Lets just be patient and wait, I'm sure they will release more patches and iron out issues, one by one.
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@vveyro, only 2? There been 4 hotfixes since release:

June 15
June 21
June 19
July 6

Can scroll the twitter window in top right hand corner, to see the dates.
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Hmm true. But still, CTD issues and similar will have higher priority for now, would think
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I just create a race/derby and restrict the bots to use host vehicle. You will need to kick any bots already in the lobby and add them back in. Does that not work correctly for you?