Author Topic: I hope THQ Nordic will acquire FlatOut IP soon  (Read 125 times)


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...and increase BugBear's number of employees to 40 like it was in 2007.

There no "bad reputation" for series some of you talking about. I see only people wanting FlatOut 3 from BugBear and call Wreckfest "boring" simulator in comparison to FlatOut 2. And if THQ Nordic will have FO IP, they can just delete FlatOut 3 from Steam.


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Currently they own basically all our childhood games:

Rally Trophy
MX vs. ATV

One IP is missed here ;)


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Wreckfest is "boring" because tracks are borring and uninventive. I was saying it from the very start. They need more intersections, jumps and obstacles. "Dick" track from TrackFest mod easily better than any official track.