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Wreckfest Early Access | Singleplayer Race @ Mixed Track 1

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me and my buddy daniel finally have been able to use mods with this new update! and were having a blast recording it :)

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Some races from today's session in Peonza's server:

Too bad that my game crashed in the 3rd heat in the Tarmac 2.
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Wow basti4655, you caught some great crashes there! Almost thought I was watching a Flatout crash video.  :D 

Look like Bugbear zeroing in on the sweet spot for car crashes!!  :D
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Made another Wreckfest Quickies vid, because I just happened to catch a fantastic crash while testing my engine mod.
I also changed the thumbnails for the WF quickies, because I couldn't find my old ones.  The thumbnail is a pic I shared back when I could run build 7 at max graphical capacity.

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