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I was watching a replay just now and LOVED the fact you can sit the camera anywhere... I had it set up on the side of the track and it was just like spectating a race... please give us a "Spectator mode" where we can setup the field (change car type, paint jobs, car # etc.) allow way more laps (up to about 50 I reckon) and just sit back and watch a race... the AI is so good it's like watching a real one.

Please also give us lap timing so we can see the position of all the cars... and if a car is a lap down show that and if it's DNF grey it out like in FO2

Please do this!!!  :D
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I would totally love to have that too. :)
Driver editor and Spectator Mode and I would spend a lot of time with the game :D


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That would be nice for online races. For SP I don't know, I don't think it would be hard to make though.

Rowdy Burns

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I would love to see a feature in the game where you could properly walk around as a spectator in first person, look from the track side to watch races from dedicated areas... walk around the pit area to admire all the cars before and after a race.