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Hello everyone, I want to tell some my thoughts/whishes about the "nextcargame"

What do people like about games? They like to FEEL the game, to be a real part of it, in other words - immersion.
So, Im talking about a first person view. While playing flatout 1 and 2 I really missed that option.
I dont think, that it is so hard to realize, and Im sure, that many people would love it.

Just imagine seeing the game, destruction and collision though the drivers eyes. Feeling every single hit and being afraid drivinig in a wrecked car.

PS It could be even better with Head trackers support, but I realize, that only a few people own them and it is hard to realize in a game.

All in all, I just want this game to be as good as FO 1,2 and UC, and I want to know, what do other people think about this offer  ;)