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I know this is probably the most obvious "well duh" request anyone could possibly make, in which case I apologise. I just wanted to point out that there have been many many different games spanning various genres over the last 20 years which have spoiled the driving aspect by not having a real "weight" to the cars - particularly during impact.

So if I had one request for "Next Car Game", it would be to politely ask if you can make a point of really emphasising how "realistic" collisions feel. So rather than bouncing around like rubber with some hollow sound effects, it would be superb if you really felt a weighty crunch. Decent impacts will make or break a game like this.

Just to point out that I think FlatOut 1 and 2 are superb games, so I'm not implying they suffered from rubber/bouncy cars - I think they had it almost perfect, albeit with perhaps slightly twitchy steering at times. I'm genuinely excited about this - I just hope it's not several years away!



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Yes the car weight in the Flatout games felt good. In the games after FO1 it was a bit worse, since the suspension system allowed the cars to basically float over the road without any big chance of tipping over. This is was made Flatout 1s car weight great. An impact can have several different effects, not just a large visually awesome looking dent in your side and shattered stuff across the track. It actually influenced the way the car would then keep going, also allowing for tactics were slightly heavier cars were more beneficial than faster cars.

From the videos it seems like they got it right. The suspension allows cars to flip. The collision appears to be so that cars are not attracted to the ground, but rather keep on flipping should an edge of the car hit the floor first. And the impact shown was really meaty, visceral and weighty.

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"Lacks weight" is one of the most common complaints we've identified when analyzing how to improve crashes and steering. We, too, want these cars to really have mass to them.


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Excellent, thanks for the reply :) I think it's going to be excellent.



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Hey I think Dirt 2 had one of the best feelings about how heavy your car is. Im not saying about copying it but taking some inspiration isnt a bad idea at all:D