Author Topic: Update #4 2014-04-25  (Read 16972 times)

Team Bugbear

A new update containing a number of hot fixes and other improvements is now available!


* Added support for one additional DirectInput device.
* Input bindings are reset for all users to avoid weird issues.
* Reset and reverse camera can be now mapped to different inputs.
* Handling no longer gets locked to right with certain gamepads.
* Replay no longer exhibits black screen in some cases.
* Steering wheel input is now disabled in photo mode.
* Force feedback is now disabled in replay mode.
* Gravel track lap counter now works as designed.
* Various improvements to the sandpit track.
* Fixed an issue with car controls.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to give feedback! Remember to check out handling without any assists ;-)

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  • Purple44

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    Thanks Bugbear for getting out a quick fix for last week release of Build #4. :)

    Hopefully the pad players can have some fun now.
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    Great! Keep it going, Bugbear!  :P
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    Thanks Bugbear! I'll be right time to test the sandpit track.   8)

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    Seems gamepad handling is now the same as in build 1. Driving with no assists works well and drifting is possible so it's not just anti spin half fix. Good job. I still dream about 1:1 mapping though...


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    Thanks for the update! and I hope the Keyboard play, is like in previous build!  :D

    Update: Just finished testing Keyboard play on the Sandpit track, and it works flawlessly!!!
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    please correct the problem with the dual shock 4. ds4 on the PC connected emulator gamepad xbox 360. And NCG sees two controllers. and ds4 not working correctly!


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    Nice that there is an update, but how is this thing 1.3GB big?


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    Nice guys, that sandpit track is so much fun!


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    Nice that there is an update, but how is this thing 1.3GB big?
    I guess on update you are just re-downloading whole game (cuz everything is packed in 1 file)

    Nece job, BB!

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    Time to test Sandpit :D
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    Well, I haven't seen anything about handling but it seems like this issue is fixed too. I can now get back to play with no assist at all, and the car feels just fine. Great job.


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    Very nice, Hotfix ftw :D
    1,3 GB seems very large for such a small hotfix though.


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    Thanks BB fixed many of the issues that were annoying me. Handling is better aswell so I'm happy. I think it would be good now to have difficulty levels for AI because I am finding it too easy to win. Drifting around every corner is fun and slows me down a bit so I can still stay with the pack and smash other cars but definitely needs some more difficulty levels in the near future imo.

    I think the big jump on the sandpit track was better with the barriers the way they were before (caused more spectacular crashes  ;D).
    Other than that thanks heaps BB, if the game keeps improving at this rate it will be one of the best!


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    Sorry can't write more feedback of THE handling. It's just so GREAT that I have to go and drive more  :D
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