Do you feel the way the cars handle after update #4 is...

Too easy with no assists, I like to be challenged!
33 (12.2%)
Just about right without assists, I drive like a boss.
109 (40.4%)
Difficult without any assists, something weird going on.
40 (14.8%)
Just right for me with some assists, I'm having fun.
72 (26.7%)
Too difficult even with assists!
16 (5.9%)

Total Members Voted: 267

Author Topic: THE GREAT HANDLING POLL TAKE #2  (Read 25046 times)

Janne Suur-Näkki

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Thanks for the feedback, duly noted :)


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Im band and I feel bad, I just found this post derp.

I generally make entire threads with my thoughts heh.

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I absolutely LOVE the new handling as of the February 2017 update. Many of the cars feel perfect such as the American 4 (II) for example. Other cars though, like the regular American 4 feel a bit loose in a weird way. But generally, Bugbear is going in a great direction in terms of the feel of the game in my opinion, keep going guys you have my support!!!!!!