Author Topic: Flatout 2 Multiplayer "REVIVED" with Openspy (Gamespy emulated server)  (Read 18791 times)


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This explains how to play FlatOut 2 multiplayer again. Skip to "HOW TO" if you are not interested in the explanations.

First of all I'm in no way affiliated with Openspy. Also I do not condone piracy but since the original multiplayer doesn't work anymore I think it is acceptable to use this type of solution for recovering the normal game mechanics. I just want to get this out there so people know about this :)

As most of you should know Flatout 2 multiplayer used Gamespy which was shut down. Multiplayer can still be played through Tunngle and similar LAN network solutions. However for similar to the original multiplayer experience there is which provides an emulated Gamespy server that works exactly like the original one. Just start using Openspy and your Flatout 2 multiplayer works like it worked originally. Currently there are no players (at least I haven't seen any apart from me and my friends) since this doesn't seem to be a well known thing. (Also keep in mind this should work for most of the Gamespy games so it's not limited to FO2.)

1. Download and extract somewhere.
2. Open QuickSetDNS.exe
3. File, New DNS Server, Enter these details:
DNS Name: Openspy
DNS IP Addresses:,
And click OK.
4. Select Openspy row and click the green button to set it as Active DNS
5. Change back to Automatic when you stop playing
Repeat steps 4. and 5. to play again.

For Flatout 2 to connect to the correct servers you need to edit your DNS settings to Openspys IPs.
Go to, scroll down and check the DNS IP addresses which are currently:
Primary DNS IP to:
Secondary DNS IP to:
Check this guide on how to change DNS addresses on Windows 7 and apply these IP addresses
Normally open up Flatout 2 and go to multiplayer and online.
(If it says that multiplayer isn't available either you did something wrong or Openspy is offline.)

NOTICE: Remember to change your DNS addresses back to automatic after playing. When you have these addresses set all of your domain redirection is working through their service which isn't what you want.

If anyone needs more detailed explanation just ask.
Hopefully we'll see some players playing through this! :)
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And who the hell will play it on openspy, when you can play it on tunngle, by 2 clicks?


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Well some people don't like using programs like Tunngle or can't use them (like linux users). Also Tunngle doesn't offer the original multiplayer experience since you have to play though LAN mode. Missing features in LAN mode (at least): serverlist filtering and kicking from lobby

Using this method is quite simple. For quick and simple switching you can use batch or powershell script or a program like QuickSetDNS to easily switch between normal and Openspy DNS.


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Thank you so very much for this, I've given it a whirl and it works brilliantly.

I've a few friends who've been playing Flatout together in anticipation of NCG.  I wanted to move them to Flatout 2 when they could, with a minimum of fuss, and other solutions are generally laden with ads.  This?  This is brilliant.

Talking them through tweaking their DNS settings in Windows is relatively trivial, and the lack of extra software a plus.  So again, thank you, I would never have known had I not checked this subforum on a whim today.


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Good thing that at least someone liked this :)
I also added a much simpler step-by-step guide for this using a program called QuickSetDNS which is free. This tool makes using this method easier than playing with Tunngle.
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download new patch to play with gamespy online --->
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download new patch to play with gamespy online --->
This topic should be on top... Just download that file > Extract it into your game folder > and play the game like in the good old days!
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sry i was wrong, this is not better than tunngle, i will not play there! good idea but not with this people who disturb games by reading ip's and other hacker things


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No real need to fiddle with DNS settings etc., the Flatout 2 executable just needs to be patched to point to instead of I wrote a patcher and successfully tested it with my friends and it works, and i have attached it to this post. run the patcher, find the Flatout2.exe and press "Patch for OpenSpy". that's it, online multiplayer will now work without any hacks, DNS redirection, hosts file editing and the like.

i have just registered and it's my first post, so obviously you shouldn't trust anything i say, so be sure to scan it with virustotal before using it and take whatever precautions necessary.

(technically, this patcher is written in such a way that it should work with other GameSpy games as well, but i haven't tested it with any of them)

P.S. it has come to my attention that neither Steam nor retail versions are incompatible with this patch. i can't do much about that. use versions!
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download new patch to play with gamespy online --->
this download does not work anymore... does anyone have another link?