Author Topic: Bonnet (Hood) damage obscuring view in cockpit mode (plus driver position issue)  (Read 1196 times)

Although I'm a new convert to the cockpit view, I have to say that the way the bonnet often crumples in races is very frustrating as it obscures the view of the track too much, leading to otherwise avoidable collisions.  So far I've only really driven the first car (Class 2 American) but as this vehicle has four bonnet pins, could the damage model be made to either crumple the bonnet in a way that doesn't obscure the driver's view unless it takes a really major hit, or alternatively lose the bonnet pins and have the entire bonnet fly off completely soon after taking the view-obscuring damage?

One other, comparatively minor gripe is that I feel like I'm sitting too far left within the car, and a little low in the seat (although this may just be because I'm fairly tall in real life).  The Height thing isn't an issue as I appreciate that most drivers will feel it's spot on and others that they sit a bit too high, but if it'd be possible to move the driver slightly to the right I'd feel more like I'm driving a car and less like I'm trying to sit in the door pocket.

On a more positive note, I have to add that the handling of the car and the interior detail are incredibly good, I really do feel like I'm "there" using cockpit view ...or at least, slightly to the left of "there"  :D 



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I don't really agree with you. As a cockpit racer like you I like the realism of the bonnet crumpling in its current fashion. It makes the player remember the track and keep checking little viewing spots to see other cars. I do however agree with the driver seeming to be too far too the left for my personal opinion. It only feels a few centimetres off but that really is noticeable in something as fast paced as a racing game haha





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I agree that the hood is popping to eyes too easily.

Couple times inside of flipped or crashed car, I can say that hood is never problem in my sight. Allways before a collision hood is lower than original position. If it raise up it means that whole car have to shorten and that is a HUGE crash to tree, rock etc.

Big problem to sight cames when hood pin at front end is open. Then air will raise it. Happened only when mechanic forget to close it. If front pin break down it will usually rip off rear joint also.

But in default driver eyes is normally quite low. So it's normal that you see road very narrow area.

I think pics of crashed rally cars is giving missundersatanding information what happen to the hood. Allways after crash drivers look damages. They will rip of hood from pins with force, becouse it's quite stuck with shocks. After raging with hood it will never be in same form of car.

Hope you get the point. In our country fast driving and good english had never been in same person  8)
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I'd probably USE the cockpit view if it wasn't for this problem. I normally do use it in other games, but this game is easier from chase cam.
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I absolutely love that the bonnet does what it does, much more realistic. I did 2 and a half of 3 laps on Sandpit looking out of a tiny gap to the left of the bonnet lol, only lost 4 places so not too bad :P Good fun/challenge.

I go agree that driver position could use some work, hopefully a later build will have the ability to alter it as you wish.


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I pulled out the old 'DRIVER - Parallel Lines' game today, when the hood is damaged, it comes open, then the wind knocks it off when you pick up speed.
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A good idea would be to implement a "weld bonnet shut" option prior to a race so that, yes, it can crumple, but doesn't pop up on the first front-on collision. I too find this highly annoying as I would like to enjoy the race from the cockpit view but end up having to use another view when cockpit view becomes obstructed by a flapping, bouncing hood.
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If I'm not wrong in real life derbies hoods are welded shut anyway, so it should be added as a default option.


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make a 'bonnet release' key, and allow it to be thrown off.
Might confuse opponents. Heheheheh!