What was your favorite environment in Flatout series?

139 (19.8%)
28 (4%)
34 (4.8%)
31 (4.4%)
56 (8%)
85 (12.1%)
34 (4.8%)
Race circuits
66 (9.4%)
Derby arenas
60 (8.5%)
Winter forest
122 (17.4%)
Bonus tracks
48 (6.8%)

Total Members Voted: 695

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I LOVE towns, cities and of course derby arenas!  8)
Can someone specify "bonus tracks"?
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I LOVE towns, cities and of course derby arenas!  8)
Can someone specify "bonus tracks"?

Tracks like Crash Alley and Speedbowl.

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Winter and Desert tracks would be pretty sweet.


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i want fields and snowy/icy fields
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i want fields and snowy/icy fields

There should be an arctic derby map, imagine all the cars slipping around and smashing into each other; pure carnage!


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Why so many Forest ?  :o

I like forest too, i like all environment, more they are, better is the game.


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Why fields are so unpopular? They had beautiful environment and cool split routes!


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Environment suggestion : a large, multi layered parking lot, or something lookalike : narrow and large parts, pilars, slopes, neon lights and a roof.
And it has already been suggested, but a track set in an abandonned factory, like Battersea station in Dirt.


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In Flatout 2 the only environment I didn't like was city :P

I voted Race Circuits as these seemed to be the ones where the dreaded debris was least likely to screw your game up.  City and canal layouts were great but debris throwing your car all over the place is just too frustrating and is the reason that my LAN game mates hate the Canal levels so much that they rarely get played. 

Polite note to the Bugbear guys:   please don't introduce car-flipping cones, barrels, cones, lamp-posts or cones (yes, I know I mentioned cones three times but it was a game-wrecker to have a 2 tonne car flipped by a 2 kilo cone) into this excellent-looking game ....it really killed the fun when we have a great neck and neck race and someone was flipped or thrown into a wall for no good reason.  :)




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Crash ally would be legendary on this game! :D
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I voted winter, but really I want everything, including mountain tracks. I want snow, rain, sun, night,


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Voted Canal because it really felt like a 60s movie drag race as you see them in a lot of american movies. Every tracks are great in the FlatOut franchise. Also I'd love to see some great landscapes in the fututre game, like you did in the desert ones in FO2.


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I will be very happy if you make more tracks with crossroads. Nothing is better than watching a great crash in the middle of it, like the 8 figure we have right now. You could implement something similar with other enviroments. I voted for winter forest, adding some crossroads and jumps there would be a great combination!


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I like Race Circuits in part because during the last year or so of playing flatout2 I was more into avoiding crashes and more into actually racing and the circuits are the best for that, also (I admit i'm a picky person) I'd like circuits to be the least cluttered tracks for example the way both the Tarmac and Speedways are now is perfect I also think the sand pit is perfect as is now too I know a lot of people want a huge ton of destructible objects but I think it's good the way it is now, forest, special, and city tracks are the best for destructible objects.