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So once again another track idea I envisioned  :)

This was more a pain in the $§$ to get the track to laydown properly!!! spent a good 2 hours trying to make the track not go into the mesh (terrain) to much...
did the best I could, however there is a couple dangerous sections that you would have to swerve into the next lane to avoid some sand on the road! however that
could be a cool thing right? just a slight hazard lol

Any way, I am basically finished with this track. there are no added features (assets) like huts, gas stations, houses etc.. just pure Tropical vegetation  :D I could add
assets if the interest is strong enough later down the road.

Here is the results of my latest creation!

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Environment hazard of going too fast off a corner and into the sea. Nice. You should probably play with bridges, tunnels and more vertical tracks.
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Well, I must say that all of your tracks have one major disadvantage - they aren't interesting in terms of racing. Maybe they have good scenery, but riding only on smooth long turns isn't that entertaining. You should add some hairpins, 90 degrees angle corners, tricky corners with multiple apexes, maybe profiled corners

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Thanks for the tips deadmoroz14! I will get on that for sure  :D

And @Ultrader those are awesome ideas! I have already thought about bridges and stunt tracks even  :)


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Daystar love the tracks great scenery, but I have to agree deadmoroz14 the tracks need inclines/declines in gradient, tunnels, metal barriers, ramps and destructible objects. Keep the good work up though :) I request the wilderness track if possible please :),5293.0.html
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