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Drifting really feels good, but it shouldn't be a game mode. Such modes are always annoying.
At UK bangers race meetings they use a format that allows some showboating (drifting etc) but there isnt any drifting score system attached.

These are :
Run down laps - Chequered+red flags don't wave until all point scorers have finished the race (top8 for example).So if first place is a lap up they can happily drive round smashing up back markers,pulling of massive drifts to please the crowd while they wait for the race to finish
Allcommers (heats>consolations/last chance qualification>final>allcommers>DD) - Races after the final before the DD. Often carry 0 or limited points/trophies.Where the emphasis is just to enjoy another race out of your car,showboating again or just smash yourself/other people to bits before the DD
Entertainer Events - Where podium positions carry less prize money than 1-3 entertainer awards in the heats before the final. You end up with a mixed bunch in the final who've either just raced to qualify,given/taken some massive hits or generally got the crowd to cheer.

Maybe bugbear could adopt some of these ideas
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