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Here's my first upload for FO1 derbying. Enjoy :)

  • KaTi

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    Flatout 1 fun online playing  :D


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    Here's couple of videos from me.

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    flatout clip was just featured on game fails, channel created by the guys from roosterteeth


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    Fail LoL. Title says ultimate carnage.


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    Yeah... I'm just uhh, going to plug this video, it's a montage for the prototype... yeah.

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    Here is mine. I put some italian explanation before, so skip to 2:10 for the proper footage.


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    Best game ever!

    A few I made.


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    short compilation from last online tournament:


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    Found this old 2003 Teaser by using the WayBack Machine. Strangely I've never seen it anywhere else...


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    My HD-Remake of my first video from 2009.
    Awesome crashs and stunts ! :)

    My second video from 2009:

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