Author Topic: Lots of trailer racing/destruction racing video from Friday night  (Read 663 times)


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Hi everyone, I'm back with a bunch of new videos.

Our first 2014 race was Friday night, and I was back with a new car (a much faster one than my trucks). It was a great night of racing, not as much destruction as in previous events, but still a lot of good, competitive racing.

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First up was our all new Road Rage event. Road Rage is similar to the Trailblazer race from Driver: San Francisco in that there is a lead car which everyone must follow and fight each other to stay behind. At the end of a random number of laps, the lead car will pull off of the track and the racers have two laps to take the checkered flag.

I used my car as the pace car so I could get the footage with my GoPro of the insanity happening behind me.

Next up was the Flag Pole race in which there are 3 tractor tires on the track, and as you race you must do a complete loop around them. I managed to take the lead very early and stay ahead of the pack the entire race, leading by almost a full lap, and I actually lapped several vehicles, until there was a car fire on the final lap and the driver jumped out, so I stopped (as did a few other racers) expecting a red flag to be thrown, but it never was - this cost me my first place position as another car passed me and I couldn't catch back up fast enough. The track officials admitted it was a mistake and increased my payout to make up for it, so I'm ok with that. I'm comfortable with the knowledge that had that not happened, I would definitely have won the race. 2nd place was my official placement.

Front view:

Rear view:

Then I got to drive a bus in the school bus figure 8! My bus was VERY slow and there was something wrong with it. For the first several laps you can see my frustration as the bus would not accelerate, putting me a lap behind. Eventually it picked up a little and I was able to regain a few positions with some risky intersection passes. It was a lot of fun, i just wish they'd put me in a better bus.

Finally was the trailer figure 8 race. There was a rollover in the very first lap. After that, I was just too tired to be competitive. Tired, and running out of fuel. I took a few swipes at the lead car (66x) attempting to hit his trailer, but he was too fast. I ended up 2nd to last in this race, but it was still fun.

Front view:

Rear view:

View from the #75:

Up close spectator view of the rollover: