Author Topic: FOUC can't play multiplayer:(  (Read 2179 times)


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When i want to join to a host it says: This session is no longer available. I'm from Hungary but GFWL is available here, but i tried with UK account it still says it. Any idea?


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the message "This session is no longer available" appears when you try to enter a lobby that looks alive, but it has been broken a while ago (crash in the middle of the game, and the lobby ended this way, and not the way that everybody left it), however after quite a few refreshes it still looks alive.
I'm also from Hungary, HUN account works fine, but try to find lobbies in the evening, any other time than that you won't possibly find anything.


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Írhattál volna akkor magyarul is:) amúgy köszi és akkor frissítsem többször és úgy próbáljam meg igaz?:D


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I referred this fella to these forums from YouTube :D

Hi and welcome :)