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Yep, free as in beer ;) Never mind the Steam transaction window, no funds will be transacted.
Lol, wished I read that 3 hours ago.
I spent all my repairs just to see what would happen, but as car-crashes are fairly common, it's really difficult to build out your garage again without having to spend money. Don't get me wrong, I love having these high stakes, which forces you to really learn how to drive well, but even then there's the occasional (frequent, even) weird bump after slamming through a shortcut that sends your car barrelrolling out of control (see deadmoroz14's video). Or you just get fragged out of the blue. And of course that happens every time I'm just about to level up, so I can't get to those damn challenges for getting a new vehicle.
Sure I understand you want to trigger people into buying stuff, but I feel that at least the chance of drawing a free repairs card should be way higher. I don't know how many times I drew cards in the past 4 hours (I guess about 50), but I only got one of them afaik.

Gameplay wise, I absolutely love the game, as I did RRU, but the whole points and upgrade system definitely makes me want to put in a lot more hours into Driftopia.
I have yet to spend a little more time figuring out all the microtransactions and how they would affect things in the game; at first glance I thought some stuff looked a bit too much pay-to-win, but it seems you can pretty much unlock everything by playing for free as well (it just takes a lot of grinding), plus you should be paired against fairly equal opponents anyway, so I think you guys got the basic f2p structure down pretty well.


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So far I do not think FTP is doing as well as was to be expected within the driving game genre so I think it's an area to take a hard look at against a good solid based box title with DLC packs after release. The Bugbear games I am familiar with I do think are pretty darn good. Rally Trophy particularly being my favorite and a title you guys have not fully given up on the idea of a sequel. Yes I have pushed this in other threads but this would be a great base for ongoing DLC projects.

Ridge Racer for PC if my Fanatec CSW Pedals and soon to add Shifter are supported fully I may very well give it a try. Don't take any shortcuts along the way make sure the titles are ready when released to avoid the within the first month patch game that some other developers are known for.
I have been a member of this forum for over a year why am I still a newbie?


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All content is free during the Steam Closed Beta.

1. What will happen to things that we bought now when open beta will start?
2. We won't have to pay anything for the things we already bought?

Asking just to make sure.


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I think everybody will have to start the whole game again.

Joonas Laakso

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1. What will happen to things that we bought now when open beta will start?
2. We won't have to pay anything for the things we already bought?

1. When we go to the open beta, most likely there will be a whole server wipe.
2. As said, nothing is charged during the closed beta, despite how it appears on Steam. Your Steam wallet (or credit card) is not charged.