Author Topic: Work in progress snapshots  (Read 115586 times)


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Glad to see you guys back to work. How was your vacation?


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If I make a good map on 3ds max, are you going to covert to play it on NCG?
Thanks :)


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YES thank you for this thread! Looking forward to more snapshots! Are you guys working out the bad things in the latest build? Just wondering. :)
Best durby game you could find! Could be considered a Sim! :)


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Interesting thread, will have to keep my eye on this.  :)


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Interesting thread, will have to keep my eye on this.  :)

I thought the same myself. Welcome back to the holiday BB. :)

Jukka Merikanto

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This is our wall of track production:

or should I say hallway of track production:

Jukka Merikanto
Senior Level Designer


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Nice job teasing us by keeping most of the track layouts out of focus. :P Good stuff, keep it coming!
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Oh boy, I absolutely want to give you guys a visit.
I promise i will bring you some Italian delicacies


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Nice job on teasing the tracks ^^
I`m really glad that most of them look a whole lot more interesting than the current gravel and tarmac track :D
There even seem to be some with intersections. Looking forward to that (no pressure  :P)


Looking forward to that (no pressure  :P)

Why no pressure? Most people work better under pressure so it's time to turn the heat on. We need those track by the end of August. ::)
wowsers54, August 04, 2014, 11:22:36 PM Logged
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  • RatPat

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    erinomaista ilkeää erinomaista  :D
    Good, good. This is how it must be done. And tracks looks promising.  :)


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    Looks awesome guys, don't forget the blog is a great place too, doesn't just need to be about actual ready to download game updates!
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    Sweet! Good to see work getting done! Looking forwards to the next update! :)
    Best durby game you could find! Could be considered a Sim! :)