Author Topic: RRU Multiplayer needs a big fix  (Read 2030 times)


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When I go to multiplayer and join a race there is noone. I can't imagine that I'm the only one in the whole world that wants to play RRU multiplayer on PS3.

There is not enough information about online players. When someone comes online the counter starts to run and the other player goes offline before the clock runs out because there are only 2 players. Is there no other way to let people join multiplayer? RRU domination is perfect for multiplayer.

What is also missing is a way to see if your PSN friends have RRU. It would be much easier to organize a multiplayer race if I knew who on my list has RRU


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I agree.

I'm on PS3 too and never find players online. There should be list of lobbies so we can find people from custom cities too.