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maybe we can do car body modifications. for example spoilers for the back of the car :) :)


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I vote no because it is impractical for contact racing.Plastic addons will just fall off/get stuck under your wheels after the first tap on the first bend.I also vote no because i associate body kits with need for speed style arcade racers and i dont think NCG needs to take any inspiration from them.

Practical body modifications would be good though.Cut front wings to stop the wing coming down onto the tire.Bonnet gussets + bolts to stop the bonnet pushing back and help to keep it inline with body rather than creasing independently.Chaining the doors shut to help the car maintain shape after collisions etc etc
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Yes, I want all kinds of modifications. Parts that improve performance in some way and some that are just silly cosmetic stuff. Might be difficult to implement with the damage system but surely would add a lot of personality to the cars.