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Hello Bugbear,

thank you for the development of Flatout 1+2. I never really stopped playing these two excellent games as the ;D factor is just too big!

With Ultimate Carnage i have stopped buying new games because of the negative evolution in the gaming industry: Games for Windows Live, Origin from EA, Ubisoft, Steam, AlwaysOn XBOX 720, DLCs, ... don't want to support all this.

However, i have a question related to the visibility in flatout 1 and 2. How can i increase those to over 100%?
In the file Savegame\options.cfg i can adjust the visibility between 0 and 100
Settings.Visual.Visibility = 100          --[0 .. 100]
But even 100 is not enought to prevent the annoying level buildup in the distance.

Also the buildup of the yellow field in Flatout 2 is too near and i would like to change this.

In the scripts of the unpacked bfs files i couldn't find anything that might be helpful (beside the files lods.ini and plants.ini in the settings folder).

I hope you can tell me where i can edit the right values in the scripts/code.

Thank you,

Edit: Thanks Jukka for your interesting making of Flatout 1 and 2 Posts.

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Hi, good work with this post Grzm30 ;)

I'm also interested in unlimited visibility distance and disable LOD (Level of Detail) that cause objets pop-up in FlatOut 1 and 2.

I want see all map with all objets with full geometry and textures quality, without any restriction.

LOD pop-up's disturb and distracting, is a VERY unrealistic effect, much more unrealistic that Aliasing. People apply AA for reduce Aliasing and Shimmering effects and make games more real, and are only pixel size details, but when play games with LOD ON objets appears from nothing and ¿ nobody want disable this effect ? :o I can't understand... in my opinion ruin completely the realism of the games. New games also have this problem. Sometimes with console command o shortcut parameters can fix, but others games not have option for fix :'(

If FPS are low, is a good solution for increase performance, very usefull when game was released, but always must be optional in graphics settings, because years later the hardware evolution is unstoppable, and now the current hardware have enough performance to move these amazing old games without suffer the graphics bugs caused by performance optimizations.

Is frustrating set in graphics settings "visivility at max.", but game visivility remain limited, LOD remain activated, and my new CPU and GPU are "sleeping" :'(

It would be interesting to play FlatOut 1 and 2 with the full potential of these amazing graphics engines.

Bugbear, thanks you very much for making these games, are really amazing, extremely fun, happy with the buy and i recommend it to my friends, and i hope you can help us a bit for fix this problem :)