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Buildings in the game

Introduce of different buildings:

Headquarter: Headquarter limits the levels of other buildings.
Storage: Storage increases your Coin storage capacity.
Flag:  Flag increases your population limit.
Walls: Walls defends your base against attacks.
Coin Factory: Coin Factory produces Coins.
Barracks: Recruit Rifleman, Grenadier, Machine Gunner and Mortarman.
Machine Factory?Recruit Armored Vehicle, Machine Gun Jeep and Missile Truck.
Special Barracks: Recruit Repairman, Anti-Tank Soldier and Bugler.
Camp: Upgrades Rifleman, Grenadier, Machine Gunner and Mortarman
Upgrades Armored Vehicle, Machine Gun Jeep and Missile Truck
Special Camp: Upgrades Repairman, Anti-Tank Soldier and Bugler
Battle Lab: The building which research different kind of technology.
Air Base: The building where players could call in air strike.
Hall of honor: You can acquire medals and upgrade your medals here.
Legion Base: You can connect with other players here. A great place to make friends.
Armory: Armory stores your hero's equipments.

OK, we have already known the usage of different buildings. Now, how could we speed up our developing process?

Firstly, let’s follow the tips of quest and build every building the quest required. In this way, tons of quest rewards will be sent to you.

When you are higher than level 14, the speed of building upgrading is slowing down. Thus a proper choice of building sequence is essential. Headquarter(HQ) is on the top of the building list because HQ limits the maximum level of all the other buildings.

Other buildings :
1.   Defense center: it dramatically influences the offence and defense in the battle.
2.   Coin factory could provide coins for player day and night! So, construct the coin factories and upgrade them.
3.   Storage is very useful to protect your resources from being robbed by other players.
4.   Flag is quite important for players who would like to keep a large size of troops.
5.   Barracks, Machine Factory and Special Barracks will effectively speed up the recruiting process.
6.   Camp, special camp and Battle Lab also should be taken into consideration.

Several tips to help player be ahead of others:

1.   Using hourglass to speed up the process which is under 5 minutes. The process could be completed instantly.
2.   Headquarter limits the maximum level of other buildings. So you could use hourglass as much as possible before you reach level 5.
3.   Join an active legion thus a lot of legion members could help you to speed up your process.