Author Topic: Why FlatOut1 is better than FlatOut2 and BB should do NCG closer to first game  (Read 9947 times)


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About RRU, I liked it but I liked RR7 much more. RRU wasn't like Ridge Racer should be at all, so it should have been called something else than Ridge Racer.


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RRU was hardly a terrible game on PC or console. It's just... a very plain game. It's not a true Ridge Racer game and it's not a true Bugbear game. NCG doesn't have to worry about being something it's not and BB has full creative control. I have faith.


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Just posting to second the OP, the first, the unique FlatOut had way more Mojo than FlatOut 2.

The second title lost every sense of danger on the track, you could literally drive through a grain silo / water tower without feeling anything. What a shame.

Good news they seems to focus on driving feeling !

Janne Suur-Näkki

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Yep, we have some great news for you :)


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Oh man I have seen the bent and wrangled cars of the new video, that looks delicious. Chassis deformation at its best. :D

What I haven't really seen was if the objects in the terrain behaved correctly with their physical properties and weren't just floaty objects ready to be thrown around. Maybe something on that will come later to distinguish it. But when the car hit that tire barrier, man that looked like it had some slowing down effect.


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I agree with OP, in fact I only completed FlatOut 2 three or four times, while I'm still playing Flat Out 1, single player for the... uhm, 7th  or 8th time? :)


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I agree. While I like both gameplay style (FO1 and FO2) I approve the more serious approach with better physics. It doesn't have to be a simulator since it would get frustrating easily that way, but handling should be affected by damage for sure.


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I too agree with op. Flatout 2 was dangerously close to beeing just another mainstream race game.
Im not worried though, it seems that bugbear is going in the right direction. :D


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I 100% agree.
FlatOut 1 was amazing but FO2 was disappointment.
FlatOut 2 was too arcadey and tracks wasn't very interesting.

Things I loved in first FlatOut:

+ Driving Physics. What comes to driving physics, more realistic is always better and FlatOut 1 driving physics was pretty realistic back in 2004. You had a good control over the car. A lots of fun when you had to be agressive but still drive carefully at the same time. You couldn't drive over bumps at full speed or you ended up going wide in the next corner or alteast damage your car when landing the jump.

+ If you had a big crash and your car ended up far away in the forest, you had to drive back on the track. In FO2 the car always automatically respawned.

+ Crashes

+ Amazing tracks and environments. Forest tracks in FO1 are my favourite ones because they reminds me of those awesome Finnish gravel roads in the forests.

+ Old rusty cars. FO2's newer and shinier cars were not bad either but somehow FO1 cars fit better in the game like this.

Things I hated in FlatOut 2:

- Driving physics. Too arcadey and the sense of speed was overdone. It felt like I was playing Burnout or Need for Speed and like I didn't have full control over the car.

- When you had a big crash and your car was flying and rolling long distance, suddenly your car respawned back on the track.

- Boring tracks and environments.

FlatOut 1 running on modern game engine would be a perfect video game.


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I totally agree with the OP.

While I reluctantly enjoyed the heck out of FlatOut 2, I still consider the original to be one of the best games ever made.

St. Jimmy

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I like that in FlatOut the figure 8 was in the bonus side. Crossings are cool but they should be like in the derby/bonus side.

I'm trusting that NCG will be more like FlatOut one just like Bugbear has said.
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I liked both FlatOut's. First one was an unpolished gem and second one was a bit more expensive and more mainstream approach. Mix of both would be a blast!


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I like the FO2 style more personally, but I would love to see both styles in NCG, via an in game switch or modification menu or something like that.


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flatout being realistic... dont make me laugh OP
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My only hope is that if BB wanted to do something casual, they would have gone with a publisher. If they go alone it's because they want to do another FlatOut 1.