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Sometimes it can be tricky getting your server\ player host to show up on host list so some players can join:

Online Multiplayer-Spiel für Freunde mit Bots...

Quote from: Thunder Bullet;152391285467298063
This problem was fixed. For future reference:

What happened?
Server didn't show up in the server list and friends couldn't join

Solved by:
-Disabling the Windows Firewall
-Installing all Windows 7 updates that have anything to do with network
-installing VC++ Redistributable 2015
-Forwarding required ports 27015, 27016 and 33500 in router
-Setting router to use a port that is not 27016 (which it used for HTTPS connections for some reason)
-Uninstalling Hamachi, which hijacked the connection and wouldn't let network services connect properly

This technically can be closed unless anyone wants to comment on this

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Thunder Bullet did it! 2Hours hard work and three People are Lucky now! THX to him!

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Good hear you guys figure this out, that a lot figuing it look like you guys did. Will have repost this in the hosting thread over at Bugbear forum. Got Couple questions thou:

1. What is VC, it not ringing a bell with me?

2. Could you explain this more? This is not forwarding of ports, this something else?  "-Setting router to use a port that is not 27016 (which it used for HTTPS connections for some reason)"

3. What router is this? Is some these issues because of the brand of router Badman using? I have a Netgear router.

Quote from: Thunder Bullet;152391285467985255
1. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

2. The router was accessible via web browser as https, which has a port assigned to it. This router somehow had 27016 assigned to https, so it blocked steam communication then. Setting it to some other port fixed this

3. Fritx!Box, don't ask me which model it was. Shouldn't really matter though, many of them have the same firmware
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