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looking in gmpl file format now, is there something already known?

as fas as i know from the mode files there are some format parts:

every gmpl file is starting with
0x04 00 00 00 6C 70 6D 67 (game version maybe?)
0x0D 00 00 00 FILE_SIZE

interesting are the following lines:
0x1F 00 01 00
says no teams, for team modes there's no match at all

then some custom values, no fixed length, they end with
0xF6 00 66 66 66 3F
for every mode except lastmanstanding where we have
0xF2 00 66 66 66 3F

so maybe the F2 says "last survivor wins"

however this values section is matching for deathmatch and lastmanstanding which is
0x08 1F 01 0C 00 04

i don't know what to say about this as teamdeathmatch has no such part.

the last thing i know right now is that for race modes the file ends with
0x32 00 00 00 FA 00 00 00

and for derby modes with
0x64 00 00 00 FA 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

i hope somebody (me included) can figure out how to mod modes, so we not only have every derby mode on every track but also new modes like lastteamstanding :)

changing the end of a derby mode to a race mode end leads to "fatal disk error" message at game start
without adjusting size its just windows telling me that wreckfest crashed like it does too when simply changing size to some wrong value.

i also tried to set the F2 to teamdeathmatch and again "fatal disk error"
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