Author Topic: Unlocked All Tracks and Sound Mod ?  (Read 1818 times)


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HI Guys.

Does anyone know or have a mod or saved game with all the tracks unlocked and if you do can you email it to me or post a link for me and others please ?

Also I come from the Homeworld 2 modding community and have being working on mods there, especially sound mods.

I was able to sound mod FO2 with some really funny stuff like when a driver fly out of a car and hit the floor they fart and the same happens if they get run over.

Also the explosive barrels more powerful but I can't get any of the tools for UC to work  because if I do get to open the BFS file or whatever the name and load it, it never works so can someone post exactly how to mod this game, at least to change some of the sounds.

I hate when you run through or break a wooden fence and it sounds like cutting  or dropping sheets of cardboard.