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Final version of Wreckfest is now out and I can report that Bugbear has done all of the 5 do's I posted and avoided doing any of the Don'ts!! 

I'm very happy the way Wreckfest online has turn out, better than what I was hoping for back in 2014 before we got multiplayer!  :D

Who would of dream we get stable 24 players online? Have dedicated servers hosted by players, so we will never have worry about the online server being turned off, like we saw with GRID 1 ( after 3 years ) and Flatout 2 ( after 6 years ). Get a text bubble when a player typing a message in the lobby and now with next hotfix, we will be getting a delayed reset option.  :D

Ohh ahh... :)

I'm going to official say, Bugbear has got online done right again, for a second time. Bugbear did it right for Flatout 2 and now done it even better with Wreckfest.  :D :D :D :D

Still would love see a random track and random car mode and but there one issue I see online that in need of a better solution. In team derby and team racing it still an issue of tryng to tell if that friend or foe you are about head on with. It be nice if Bugbear could come up with a better solution. We did post some ideas here:

Dec 2017 Build and issues with Team racing and derbys and other feedback.

Saturday night I got to tryout the Dec Build with the hotfixes.

I can report back I now happy with the car damage we seeing online in a derby and the cars not wrecking so easy, like when Dec Build first came out last week.  :D :D

I ask the guys online and they also thought Bugbear about got it right now in the derby. Bugbear found a good balance.  :)

Here some video and see for yourself if you agree:

But doing Team derby, even thou the player names are fading back in sooner ( tweak helped ), can still be hard to tell if you are heading straight into a teammate car or the enemy. May have to swerve at the last second to avoid hitting teammate head-on.

It been suggested Bugbear could paint the cars team colors:

As for the other issues, are we mainly talking about the player tags not being displayed prominently enough?
In Team racing and Team derbys, It hard to tell, before it to late, if you are hitting friend or foe, now!

Instead of making the UI icon more prominent and distracting. Would a solution be to let the game take control of both paint and livery colour in team racing? Then you could have mostly red cars vs mostly blue cars, vs mostly yellow etc depending on what team you are on. Then you don't need the UI at all to see whose on your team and you can tell what team it is as long as the car is in view.

Ya the guys online thought that be a good solution too. Have the cars paint be the color of the team player is on.  :D

But which solution be easier to do for Bugbear, change paint color or change the color of player's name?

Janne, will we get the numbers back next to players name? So we know who in 1st, 2nd, etc?  In Team Racing I would leave 10th place rival player alone. I target rival players that are in the top 5 spots.


Sam, that's actually a brilliant idea.

But I do see one problem with team paint jobs, when I'm going head-on towards another car, will be tough to see a team paint job. If I'm coming from the side, then I can see team paint job.

So I would like to suggest the team indicator color be a long color bar so be easier to see from a distance:

Between team car paint and a team color bar, I think we be plenty happy online doing team derbys and races with these changes.  :D

I did find a work around to not having race position number next to player's name, I found if you hit the Tab key, you get a full list of players racing. With this, I can see who 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I can tell now when second place player is now 1st and can let 1st place player go in a fig 8 race.

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Overriding the car paint color for team races is a great idea!

Some things I would still like to see, in server browser:

- Remembering my last used search filters, even after I close the game
- Favoriting/unfavoriting servers, and fav servers shown in separate list/tab

For admins, in servers settings:

- Forcing all assists off
- Forcing cockpit camera
- Disabling health bars
- Allowing changing the lobby timer 30,45,60 seconds