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Using a wheel, G27. The only thing missing is the support of manual clutching and it'd be all good. An optional feature that would be nice to have in the game would be to limit the steering wheels degrees, but that can be done by outside tools, so it isn't that important.


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I'm using Logitech G27. I can't remember how much it cost because I got it as a graduation present :) I think the price should have been between 250-300 euros in Finland.

I made a lap time comparison test in Sandpit, and with the wheel the lap time variation was smaller and my fastest lap was 2-3 seconds faster than with a keyboard (Logitech G710+).

As for using a gamepad, I have no idea. Personally, I have bad experience with pads and try to avoid using them. For example, I find Castlevania games impossible to play using a gamepad but they are much easier with a keyboard.

EDIT: I tested the game with a gamepad (Logitech RumblePad 2) on Tarmac, using American Sedan. My lap times were over one second a lap slower than with keyboard and it was more difficult to prevent the car from spinning. I.e. in my opinion Wheel > Keyboard > Gamepad
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Updated my Sim Rig with a few more goodies...Wreckfest is even more awesome now.
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