Author Topic: Are there gonna be any rally/rallycross tracks?  (Read 1514 times)


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I would really love to play this game in rally mode. It could attract alot more people to this game


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Gravel track kinda is already. I think they announced time trial mode somewhere aswell. I dont think there will be rally stages or co-drivers though.Not sure if the game engine could support a proper sized rally stage. You never know though,currently i think they are working on a forest track and more routes for sandpit,5698.255.html
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Can I have some more research.


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I would really love to play this game in rally mode. It could attract alot more people to this game
Those tracks are potential to rallycross. I loved to play rally with these cars. I think people will not like it so much. It could be just unfancy to relize that 80km/h is quite fast speed when road is made for the summer residence.
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Considering this game was inspired by Folkrace, which is supposedly form of entry-level rallycross in Finland and Sweden, I guess there would be more.
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Any examples what you mean with rallycross track? Gravel and Tarmac could already be those. Unless you want a track that go from point A to B.
I think Tarmac is even inspired bit by the Finnish Ahvenisto track because of those Blue/White colours, both have bridges except in Ahvenisto the track goes also on the bridge and both have greeny nature.

That gave me an idea that maybe they could maybe one more sand route in the Tarmac track to capture the feeling of Ahvenisto rallycross layout
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Wreckfest is partially based Finnish folkracing, Jokkis. Jokkis and Rallycross events are driven on same tracks.