Author Topic: THE CLUTCH with manual transmission is a MUST option  (Read 8290 times)


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The clutch adds a huge difference to the gameplay and alot of people can agree on this. Im just wondering when will it appear...?


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How it will happening is the question and not easy one. But yeah it's big part of start grid and donuts. In full speed it's not so important for speed but simulator thing is quite huge.
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+1 some time i whant to turn 180 º after a crash and i really miss the clutch, and in  other situations of course.


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I just got myself a G27 yesterday. On the plus side NCG is the only game where my force feedback doesn't spazz out and not only that,  actually feels really really good. I don't really need a clutch, but it would help me feel good about myself.


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I play with a pad and I want a clutch!  The good racing games had it implemented, so I Expect it to be In Wreckfest because this is going to be a great racing game.  Don't let me down Bugbear.
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I'd ike to see a clutch too. It's not at the top of my list but it would be nice.


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Clutch support is a must for any racing game that is somewhat realistic, which I believe Wreckfest to fall under. I won't make a huge difference for me now as my steering wheel only got paddles and I can't seem to be able to handle the cluth with paddles. :P


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Having a clutch will fit well with the age of the vehicles released so far. I certainly want the option of one.
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+1 for clutch


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Just played few hours with manual transmission.
It felt really good, except I couldn't anticipate the next gear.
I was trying to use clutch for timing and gear was mostly shifted too early, because clutch isn't working.
I don't want learn to use shifter for a clutch (N), because it's just so wrong :(

In my opinion clutch is the biggest problem atm.
Physics felt quite nice (again) and I was wondering how BB could improve those with next physics patch :) Good luck with that :D


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i just waiting for the clutch, too. It's very important for good driving and should not be mush work, to insert it in the game. 

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When the game gets clutch and shifting problem is fixed, the game will rise to a new level and I know guys that are waiting for those things the most.
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The thing I miss most about Wreckfest in its current state is decent H-pattern shifting with working clutch for the G27.
Now I am using the paddle shifters on the G27 and its just dire.
I have to bash the "gear up" on the starts to get away; and many times I do not get off the line quickly and cause a havok.
Also the gear changes are really slow, when I spin I spend 80% of the time waiting to get into reverse.
I have the H-shifter with clutch pedal and I love this game; so I really want to make use of them :)
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For those with difficulty getting into reverse quickly, I recommend you look at assigning a button to it.  You will have to hold the button down to engage R, but it's quick change especially from 4th or 5th gear.  This may help those with a H-shifter as well (just assign each gear to its respective position), but, as I do not have a H-shifter I cannot test it myself.
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+1 for clutch. Even a fake clutch would suffice.Allow neutral to be assigned to a button, on button press neutral,on button release return to previous gear.
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