Author Topic: THE CLUTCH with manual transmission is a MUST option  (Read 3199 times)


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pleeeeeease Bugbear!!!??!!
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I'm just tired of the crappy double clutching that goes on now while the AI cars drive off.
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Yeah, really wanted to use my own clutch pedal with H-shifter. Still impatiently awaiting for it to be implemented))


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Bumping this. It sucks not having a clutch. I still find myself "using" it when shifting gears (it's not my fault, my daily is a 5-speed) and it sucks when you need to give your car a little bit of a rpm boost, and shifting from one gear to neutral and back takes a lot more time than engaging the clutch for a half second. It's not a necessity but it would be a really great feature that would definitely improve the game
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YouTube, maybe?


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Bugbear!!! We need a clutch doods... are you planning on giving us one or just waiting for a modder to do it?
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Sycose Sylum

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+ 1

Please Add Clutch Support. Just purchased the game a few weeks ago. Very disappointed to find no clutch support. A clutch adds a tremendous dynamic to driving.
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This game stays at shelf so long it is missing clutch.


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Totally agree... This game needs an manual clutch... @Team Bugbear: So any infos/respond on this topic ?
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Clutch is a real must have in a racing game like this.