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puckle knuck

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I want some pop-punk because it's perfect for racing games (newer bands like The Story So far and older ones too). Also, emo, metal and maybe some pop to make the soundtrack more diverse.

Rowdy Burns

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Sorry for posting again...but I think these are perfect for Wreckfest!

Lagwagon - Bad Moon Rising

Lagwagon - Brown Eyed Girl

Lagwagon - Baggage

Lagwagon - Errands

Lagwagon - B Side

Lagwagon - Give it Back


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This would be great......a classic from the 70's......appropriate title too :)


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Speaking of 70's...  than you need this rare song from the 70's! yeah it's disco lol.. So don't you forget your bell bottom jeans, and leather jacket! hehe

Hell of a long song, good for a Rally race?  ???


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hi bugbear, how about this song for the soundtrack  *wink wink*  ;D :P

no offence, just fooling around :)


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I like quite a bit of rock. Offspring, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park (first 2 albums), Adema, Fallout Boy, etc etc. I think many of those bands would fit this game really well.