Author Topic: I was overcharged for this game.  (Read 1556 times)


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The steam web page said that the game was 50% off, so I decided to purchased the game. I was charged full price, even though it was advertised at 50% off.
I asked them to review the matter, and they said:

Steam cannot apply sale prices to purchases made before or after sale periods.
This is true regardless of the circumstances under which a sale is missed.
Steam Support has provided you with all of the relevant information regarding this issue.
You will receive no further correspondence regarding this matter.

I don't understand why they can advertise a 50% off sale, then charge people full price. This does not seem fair.  When I bought it, it was DURING the sale - not before or after.

    The makers of this game should look into this, as they are being represented in a way that is not very becoming of the product.


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so you got charged $30 instead of $15
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Steam's fault, Bugbear can do nothing for it.


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Before you click the OK button for Steam to charge your credit card, did the page show you were getting charge half price + taxes?
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