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Team Bugbear

And now, something completely different.

Ever since we announced Wreckfest, players have longed for a game mode where they can let go of realistic racing and go crazy.

You asked for it, we deliver.

Bugbear proudly presents a new game mode for Wreckfest:


a game mode of automatic weapons and boundless love, steel armor and sweet stunts!

In Road Rumble, players get to arm their cars with different weapons, slap on some solid steel to ward off those pesky bullets, and turn demolition derbies into total annihilation. No more Mr. Nice Driver!
Road Rumble will support both team mayhem and full deathmatch playstyles, but additional choices will become available down the road.

Note that the style of the cars depicted may change – this is a mock-up screenshot, and won’t necessarily represent the final look of Road Rumble.
We also made a . Again, don’t expect anything special at this point, but since you’ve wanted to see for yourselves what we’ve been working on, this is one of those things. Road Rumble will have more bells and whistles later on :)

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  • Lari Fari

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    AHAHAHA Nice ;-D
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    And now, something completely different.


    Hmm the trailer suddenly disappeared... AND THE GAME MODE LOOKED SO PROMISING IN IT! :O

    Also, you guys weren't doing anything on the CAR physics, it were BULLET physics al along! Oh you cheeky bastards you! :D

    Is the release date of this game mode April 1st 2016 or 2017? ;)

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    Think you guys might be a bit too late  :P


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    Looks awesome. lol


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    Oh boy, I can't wait!


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    Haha Bugbear  :D

    would of been awesome I am assured...
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    This looks way too good, it shouldn't be just an aprils fool :D

    Like the faster you drive the faster the guns shoot ^

    Jori Virtanen

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    This looks way too good, it shouldn't be just an aprils fool :D

    Like the faster you drive the faster the guns shoot ^

    Hahaha! That would be an extremely cool game mechanic! Would make sure that chaos is indeed prevalent :D
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    That trailer is really promising, can't wait for the mode to get added to the game.  :D


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    Looks amazing, I can't wait to not play it.
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    I'm kinda dreaming that this is true and Rick Astley is one of the soundtrack in WreckFest :D
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    Oh wait, I can't boy!
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