Author Topic: [TOOL] Breckfest v1.5.0 - BMaps made tasty  (Read 41888 times)


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An UVmap is always the best way to go. Other games offer uvmaps for their cars. [hello BB] It would be a great time saved for the dedicated skinner.


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And bump again...

Big thanks for Breckfest.exe !

With the Christmas update, most .bmap texture files still open but not the _n ones. It's not really a problem, though, because there isn't much need to edit those ones.

The new mostly blank skin files make it very easy to make templates and also make it very easy to add the rust and scratches that the stock skins have.

I create normal maps with my skins, but I have, on a few occasions, extracted the stock _n.bmaps to see what they look like and compare.

Blank skins do make nice templates and can be used for rust/damage layers, but I'd sure appreciate the efforts of someone out there who has the capability to make UV maps to use as templates as well.

Of course, with the new paint shop color options and Bugbear's decal skins, there'll be less need for making new skins now. Plenty of variety is available already.  8)

But can't do skins like this with the in-game paint tool:   :P


I sure hope skinners will still make custom skins so I can add them to my track pack mods.  :D

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There are UV maps for the cars before the June build. There might be a link here somewhere.

The skins with _ao_ in the filename can sort of work as UVs but real UV maps are much better.

The blank skin overlays also help as UV maps because they usually have rust or dirt lining the edges of everything.

I found something when painting the wagon and I don't know if it is supposed to be that way or a glitch.
The door flap covering the fuel cap maps to another spot. That spot might be meant to UV map the inside/unpainted part of the door flap. If fixed a skin by copying the painted area over to that other spot (it hovers outside a wheel well).