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To get the AI to use one of your paints, you need several files.

For an example, I'll use some Gatecrasher skin named skinzebmobile_c5.bmap.

You need to make these (copy one of the regular game files):

If you made a custom livery also, you will need:

I'm assuming that you already have some file like:
which point to your skin.
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A few things to make sure of:

For all of these, you need to tell the files which directory to look into (starting at data/)

Make sure that your .aicr has Autogenerate AI Set checkedboxed.
Make sure your .aicr vehicle entry points to your .cavs
Make sure your .aicr Profile entry points to some .vaip
(\data\vehicle\14_american\ai\profile\default.vaip will work)
Make sure your .aicr Paints entry points to your ai_zebmobile.vepa

Your .cavs file need to have AI Vehicle checkboxed
Your .cavs Paint entry need to point to your .vepa
Your .cavs Livery entry needs to either point to empty.veli or or some other .veli

**this is the most likely to be forgotten**
Your ai_zebmobile.vepa needs to have the AI Upgrade checkbox checked

For all of these files, if there is an entry at the bottom for Upgrade Parents, make sure that
it points to
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Speaking of AI, if you had a whole bunch of custom paints and wanted to make a mod that only lets the AI use your custom skins, you could.

To do that you would need to make

You would make a copy of the example  lawnmower ai set file there.

Give it  a name in the Name entry.

If you had 12 custom skins, enter 12 in the Refs entry.

For each one of the Refs entries, point to one of your .aicr files.

Then, in the game wehn you run a Custom Event, in the race settings you could choose your zebskinsonly option instead of A class or B class or C class.


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As far as different color effects, there is something tricky that skinners could do with the livery patterns.

The stock game livery patterns are all 100% opacity. This means that the cars can only be 2 colors (paint color and livery color).

If part of the livery pattern was only 50% opacity, that part of the pattern could be a blend.

For example, if paint is blue and livery is yellow, we might be able to get part of the pattern to be green.

If you wanted to get even more tricky, you could have a fade pattern of opacity.

I haven't tried this but it should work.

If 50% opacity didn't work, we could try making every 2nd pixel 0% opacity (1st pixel 100%, 2nd pixel 0%, 3rd pixel 100%, 4th pixel 0% etc)

We wouldn't even have to make it alternating pixels. We could make it alternating blocks 4 pixels wide. I could even paint a bucket-fill paint pattern out of blocks like this.
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Wow! thanks for all the info. I never dreamed it required that many steps.

I never really planned on having the AI use my skins, but someone asked me, so I just tried making ai.vepas to test.
I think this goes on the back burner for now, but at least you've added good info to the custom skins thread, for future reference.

I may play with the blend liveries soon, but tonight, I gotta try out the new update online for the usual Saturday night Wreckfest in about an hour.  ;D
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Well, I'll be dipped!

So I was warming up for Saturday night online with the new update by playing a little single player on the gravel track, and ended duking it out with none other than (AI) tuningfreak.1, driving the number 420 FrankenWeener Chevelle.

Maybe just because today is 4/21. LOL

So apparently, the AI does find my skins with just a .vepa file. Maybe those other steps allow AI to customize the car?
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Dell Inspiron 17 7720 with Nvidia GT650 graphics. Keyboard control.

Lame, I know.


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Getting ready to put in the no-AI stock car.

First entry will be John Deere.

I need to make the yellow brighter.

This was one of the more unique paint jobs.

All of those little squares were lawns and that was grass painted on the logo of the front hood.

The no-Ai car is going to hold skins that are either adaptations of paint jobs that aren't quite as old or possibly less famous ones or ones that look similar to paint jobs that we've already got or fictional paint jobs etc.


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Nice looking skin Test.  :D

I use to drive an old johnny popper when I baled hay for my Dad.

That not me:
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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A couple of new ones that I just uploaded to Steam.

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    Did one on the old American 3 Racecar. Man, this file size limit is ridiculous.
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    My John Deere Chevy Blazer in action at Tarmac2 track.
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    Good stuff!


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     A whole lot of awesome work!


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    Dell U2515H 25",  i5-4690k @4.0ghz, 16gb ram, MSI GTX 1060 6GB, 120/500gb SSD, 1tb HHD, win 7, G25/Logitech pad

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