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Bit of a missed opportunity's about time surely?
Was there ever a weather mod released for Fo1/2/UC? Even just a visual bit of rain, even if it doesn't effect handling....

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While not exactly the Same, Picard has a great day setting mod with a lot of different skies and effects. Such as winter, fog, evening, morning, day etc.


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Rain is usually performance costly, in other games. I don't really care for it tbh. If I would put random weather, then rain comes and my FPS plummets.. I would need to lower the graphics for all other weathers, just for the sake of rain being in the game. It will not be implemented "Properly" anyway, like water puddles or aquaplaning

Pritchards weather mod has almost all possible ones like fog. Enough for me. If you want to race in lowered grip conditions, I think there is some snow tracks as mods. If the surface grip can be made lower, it's the same really.. without the FPS cost. Or if Bugbear can release snow tracks later. I would prefer snow over rain, because snow doesn't have added reflections which tends to kill the FPS performance

I mean.. Project Cars 2 has rain. But I never use it, because the FPS just dies.
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