Author Topic: Servers down? 04.08  (Read 7958 times)


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Today morning I could log-in, but it take a 10 minutes to do it. I couldn't drive any race. Now I can't even log-in. Yesterday everything work fine. It's problem with my computer, or servers just went down for some maintenance?


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It's also down for me since a few hrs i just got into the beta and can't connect get's stuck on the "Connecting to Ridge Racer Server" guess is there doing some sort of update  :P

Joonas Laakso

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There was an issue yesterday, yes, we've been looking into it today. May result in servers being unavailable or replying slowly.

These are precisely the sorts of issues we are hoping to find and fix during the closed beta, before opening it up. Thank you for your support.


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I love the way Are the Servers Down topics get rerouted into hows yer granny and I miss my fish n chips


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176 still down, is there an update as to when the servers will be back up?  We had no problems on 176 and I was planning to coin today, but taking the servers down during a promo, come on man


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Unfortunately the project was discontinued in open beta last year and the servers were shut down by the publisher.

Here's the official statement: