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This little mod removes radial blur.
There's no special hacks or something. It's just a little trick with texture. I used nVidia PhotoShop DDS Plugin, opened original file & replaced layer with transparrent.
At the end final dds was saved with DXT5 compression (DXT1 gave strong transparent blur).


For packed version:
Place no_blur.bfs & patch files to the root game folder.
If you have some mods than you need to manualy open file 'patch' with "notepad" and add line new line "no_blur.bfs"
For unpacked version:
Replace data folder in the root game folder.

This mod is also available @ FOJ
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And you do not need to register at Flatout Joint to download mods in download section. The download section is open to all, just can't download a bunch of mods in one day and burn up our bandwidth. Need to spread a bunch of downloads over a few days.

Only need to register to post in the forums.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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