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I just checked out on GameRanger and there were a few FO2 servers up.
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The alternative to GameRanger is Tunngle. That where I went when the Gamespy online sever for Flatout 2 went down after 6 years.

Is it Flatout online appreciation day this coming Saturday, Aug 2?

In post #1, I post how to setup Tunngle. Have not gone online with Flatout 2 since I got hooked on racing Wreckfest online back in Oct 2014. So can't tell you how busy Tunngle is these days with Flatout.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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There is also external program for online much like the one for FO1.


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Hello :)

Which is the best way to play online please ?

I like the cars in this mod, could you share a link frenchman?

The Venom in the preview is my favorite.  8)