Author Topic: Looking for old FlatOut 2 mods.  (Read 8501 times)


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This was the biggest suspicion, but the car is with only with the least possible, I will have to remodel some parts =/
What would be the minimum number of polygons for the wheels? So far I have not even begun to convert them, but I already foresee many headaches with this question.

About Wreckfest, I did not even look at what it would be like to put my models, if it is similar, and my new video card does not take long to arrive (and this includes the time to save money to buy it haha), I can exchange some ideas about, Maybe we will go up to this new world :D

Hello ETc,

The problem with parts that do not appear in the game, most often, it is that the model has too many polys. 20k total polygons is the approximate limit for FO1 and FO2 car models.

If your model is close to the limit, delete parts that are not visible in the game. Hope this helps.


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Wandering through the internet, I found a site that still maintained the links of two cars I made for flatout 2, although they are cars from Brazil's domestic market, it may interest some of you:


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How that pickup not get put into the FOJ Community Mod for Flatout 2 Gabriel!!

Nice pickup mod.  :D
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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hay i have a mod that made it adds all the flatout 1 cars to the game each car has upgrades in career mode and prices each car is in there own respective classes based on what class they where in the flatout 1 so bronze in derby class silver is race class gold in street class and there balanced so there not op the AI skin's are skin's 4 & 5 i also modified the dirt effect and sparks and glass effects i based them off Flatout uc is anybody interested in this mod?