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there are some map designs that encourage alternative routes. but those tracks don't fit the current design so i can only hope we see them.

for example forest tracks where we don't really have a "track", just some of those gravel forest roads that barely allow overtaking but make a net of roads through the forest where you might find a good alternative way.
i also would love to see a canyon track where mother earth limits the space so that maybe the normal tarmac road we drive on splits by itself (one direction to the left, the other one to the right).

but for sure the easiest example of multiple ways is just a highway where you can just drive off and reenter when there's a crossing. i doubt we see races on normal roads but they happen in reality too. like the circuits in madrid, singapore or the well-known circuit de la sarthe (24h of le mans).

another reason for multiple ways would be track evolution or just moving objects where a way gets more dangerous or even unpassable through time while it's the opposite for another one. easiest evolution type would be a rotten bridge that gets damaged by cars (and even more by the heavy sedans). when this bridge crumbles the cars that fall down die in a no reset server, on servers with resets enabled they just lose time and maybe get damage from the fall. reset then sets the car before the bridge so that there is no possibility to pass it once it's gone.
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