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I have noticed in our new Build 7 that the tracks are pretty bland and boring.
Ok the Ovals, and the Tarmac track is cool ATM. however, both Sandpit tracks are really not up to par.

Let me introduce you to E-On Software VUE!!!
this is an awesome 3D art creation app that does very well in both Terrain and Vegetation creation & Placements. (vegetation can automatically be placed according to user settings)
And... good news! Vue also can be integrated with your current Autodesk 3ds Max you guys are using!!! 

So today I created a real quick basic track... ::: Desert Scrub Lands :::
I threw a spline (road) down onto a simple terrain, selected what type of plants I wanted to use, populated the map with plants, put down some big boulders, a house, and a water tower.
took no longer than half an hour. then I deleted the road, for a pure sandy road effect. but my simple track looks a lot better than any of the sandpit tracks we currently have.

Please consider trying Vue perhaps. and the learning curve with using Vue is very easy I should say.

You guys are doing a nice job with the game. Peace out.

Deleted the road (tarmac) spline for a pure sandy-ground

Oh!!!! almost forgot to show you the link!

-------> <-------

And just one more thing... How about some different environments? Desert, Industrial, Forest etc.... I know this is only Pre-Alpha, but I bet a lot of us would like to race in different environments.

And a Bonus render for Janne... since he loves Yellow  ;)

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This software might become a must-have for modders, once and if custom tracks will be supported


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Yeah I would hope so!

Also forgot to mention, Vue comes with a lot of plants, water textures, clouds, skies, metal textures, wood textures etc.  but you can also use your own assets if so desired.
but Vue is a very expensive app. so I am fearing a lot of people will not be able to afford it.