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Some say it's 'pay to win' game, however it's not, you won't win even if you pay all the money you have.
I see this game as "Ridge Racer Unbounded: Race vs leaderboard" mode.
Maybe devs saw it as some kind of 'arcade at home' concept. Arcade where you have to insert coin to continue.
However in arcades everyone can win, maybe not be on top of leaderboard but win.
In this game you always playing against leaderboard and it's very unforgiving.
I hope I don't need to say what it will be with leaderboard infested with cheaters. And cheaters is everywhere!
Even with some godly sophisticated anticheat system, which I very doubt will be implemented, the game is still unattractive and unrewarding.
It's all about 'being second is to be the frist of the ones who loose'. And to be first you need to know many of the game's caveats, a lot of skill and a lot of luck which all obviously won't come with money. You will just keep spending money to be able to restart and repair your car in hope to push that record a bit further until you give up or finally do it. And after that someone will have to do the same and try even harder this time...
Game only for huge 'RR: Unbounded' fans. For me it's a no-go. 0 out of 10.

Joonas Laakso

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Thank you for your comments!

It's not "pay to win" certainly in the sense that you can't just buy a great car, nor can you choose boosters. Within a class some of the cars are going to work for you and some are not. You need to look for a combination of track, car, skill, practice and the right booster to win the day.

My personal sweet spot is with a certain Rare car, but I still enjoy racing with another Uncommon car, and still try and see how high I can climb on the Common leaderboards, too.

It is very competitive, yes, and very much it's you against the leaderboard. We know that's not for everyone. The arcade thing is also something we've thought about quite a bit and indeed, the game's main inspiration is a certain Japanese arcade hit.

I'm not sure what you mean by "being unable to win"? Sure there's only room for the very best at the top of the leaderboard, but just like in the arcades or any leaderboard driven game, the fun is seeing how high you can climb by practicing.

Anyway, thanks for trying the game and letting us know how you feel.


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Why do you think people play games? How many players play for leaderboard? What else this game can provide beside that unreachable top of the leaderboard?
To me, apart from this particular game's leaderboard, such game as Burnout Revenge which 8 years old is still better at any other sense. More polished, attractive, has much more variation in tracks and overall mature.

It's not play to win in a sense that you pay only to 'cut some corners'. You can spend much time getting some competitive car or can just buy it. But at the end you won't win anyway. So what's the point to play (and pay) at all? Paying for cars and cards only will help to realise it earlier and move to something else disappointed and knowing that you spent your time and money only for someone on the top who owned all (hopefully not cheater, but still it's a poor cosolation).
That's how I see it.


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It's totally not a "pay to win" game.
I really like Ridge Racer Driftopia :)